[][src]Struct evmap::Options

pub struct Options<M, S> where
    S: BuildHasher
{ /* fields omitted */ }

Options for how to initialize the map.

In particular, the options dictate the hashing function, meta type, and initial capacity of the map.


impl<M, S> Options<M, S> where
    S: BuildHasher

pub fn with_meta<M2>(self, meta: M2) -> Options<M2, S>[src]

Set the initial meta value for the map.

pub fn with_hasher<S2>(self, hash_builder: S2) -> Options<M, S2> where
    S2: BuildHasher

Set the hasher used for the map.

pub fn with_capacity(self, capacity: usize) -> Options<M, S>[src]

Set the initial capacity for the map.

pub fn construct<K, V>(
) -> (ReadHandle<K, V, M, S>, WriteHandle<K, V, M, S>) where
    K: Eq + Hash + Clone,
    S: BuildHasher + Clone,
    V: Eq + Hash + ShallowCopy,
    M: 'static + Clone

Create the map, and construct the read and write handles used to access it.

Trait Implementations

impl<M, S> Debug for Options<M, S> where
    S: BuildHasher,
    M: Debug

impl Default for Options<(), RandomState>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<M, S> RefUnwindSafe for Options<M, S> where
    M: RefUnwindSafe,
    S: RefUnwindSafe

impl<M, S> Send for Options<M, S> where
    M: Send,
    S: Send

impl<M, S> Sync for Options<M, S> where
    M: Sync,
    S: Sync

impl<M, S> Unpin for Options<M, S> where
    M: Unpin,
    S: Unpin

impl<M, S> UnwindSafe for Options<M, S> where
    M: UnwindSafe,
    S: UnwindSafe

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