[][src]Struct error_chain::Backtrace

pub struct Backtrace { /* fields omitted */ }

Representation of an owned and self-contained backtrace.

This structure can be used to capture a backtrace at various points in a program and later used to inspect what the backtrace was at that time.

Backtrace supports pretty-printing of backtraces through its Debug implementation.


impl Backtrace[src]

pub fn new() -> Backtrace[src]

Captures a backtrace at the callsite of this function, returning an owned representation.

This function is useful for representing a backtrace as an object in Rust. This returned value can be sent across threads and printed elsewhere, and the purpose of this value is to be entirely self contained.


use backtrace::Backtrace;

let current_backtrace = Backtrace::new();

pub fn new_unresolved() -> Backtrace[src]

Similar to new except that this does not resolve any symbols, this simply captures the backtrace as a list of addresses.

At a later time the resolve function can be called to resolve this backtrace's symbols into readable names. This function exists because the resolution process can sometimes take a significant amount of time whereas any one backtrace may only be rarely printed.


use backtrace::Backtrace;

let mut current_backtrace = Backtrace::new_unresolved();
println!("{:?}", current_backtrace); // no symbol names
println!("{:?}", current_backtrace); // symbol names now present

pub fn frames(&self) -> &[BacktraceFrame][src]

Returns the frames from when this backtrace was captured.

The first entry of this slice is likely the function Backtrace::new, and the last frame is likely something about how this thread or the main function started.

pub fn resolve(&mut self)[src]

If this backtrace was created from new_unresolved then this function will resolve all addresses in the backtrace to their symbolic names.

If this backtrace has been previously resolved or was created through new, this function does nothing.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Backtrace[src]

impl From<Vec<BacktraceFrame>> for Backtrace[src]

impl Default for Backtrace[src]

impl Clone for Backtrace[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Into<Vec<BacktraceFrame>> for Backtrace[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Backtrace

impl Sync for Backtrace

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