Trait error_chain::ChainedError [] [src]

pub trait ChainedError: Error + Send + 'static {
    type ErrorKind;
    fn from_kind(kind: Self::ErrorKind) -> Self
        Self: Sized
; fn with_chain<E, K>(error: E, kind: K) -> Self
        Self: Sized,
        E: Error + Send + 'static,
        K: Into<Self::ErrorKind>
; fn kind(&self) -> &Self::ErrorKind; fn iter(&self) -> ErrorChainIter; fn backtrace(&self) -> Option<&Backtrace>; fn display<'a>(&'a self) -> Display<'a, Self> { ... } }

This trait is implemented on all the errors generated by the error_chain macro.

Associated Types

Associated kind type.

Required Methods

Constructs an error from a kind, and generates a backtrace.

Constructs a chained error from another error and a kind, and generates a backtrace.

Returns the kind of the error.

Iterates over the error chain.

Returns the backtrace associated with this error.

Provided Methods

Returns an object which implements Display for printing the full context of this error.

The full cause chain and backtrace, if present, will be printed.