pub trait OneInOneOut<S, T, U>: Send + Sync where
    S: State,
    T: Data + for<'a> Deserialize<'a>,
    U: Data + for<'a> Deserialize<'a>, 
{ fn on_data(&mut self, ctx: &mut OneInOneOutContext<'_, S, U>, data: &T); fn on_watermark(&mut self, ctx: &mut OneInOneOutContext<'_, S, U>); fn setup(&mut self, setup_context: &mut SetupContext<S>) { ... } fn run(
        &mut self,
        config: &OperatorConfig,
        read_stream: &mut ReadStream<T>,
        write_stream: &mut WriteStream<U>
    ) { ... } fn destroy(&mut self) { ... } }
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The OneInOneOut trait must be implemented by operators that consume data from their input read stream, and generate output on an output write stream. The operator can either choose to consume data from its read_stream itself using the run method, or register for the on_data and on_watermark callbacks.

The callbacks registered in this operator execute sequentially by timestamp order and are allowed to mutate state in both the message and the watermark callbacks.

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