[][src]Trait emacs::FromLisp

pub trait FromLisp<'e>: Sized {
    fn from_lisp(value: Value<'e>) -> Result<Self>;

Converting Lisp Value into a Rust type.


The lifetime parameter is put on the trait itself, instead of the method. This allows it to be implemented for Value itself.

Required methods

fn from_lisp(value: Value<'e>) -> Result<Self>

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'_> FromLisp<'_> for i64[src]

impl<'_> FromLisp<'_> for f64[src]

impl<'_> FromLisp<'_> for String[src]

impl<'e, T: FromLisp<'e>> FromLisp<'e> for Option<T>[src]

impl<'a, 'e: 'a, T: Transfer> FromLisp<'e> for &'a T[src]

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impl<'a, 'e: 'a> FromLisp<'e> for Value<'a>[src]

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