pub trait Curve: 'static + Copy + Clone + Debug + Default + Eq + Ord + Send + Sync {
    type UInt: AddMod<Output = Self::UInt> + ArrayEncoding + Encoding + Integer + NegMod<Output = Self::UInt> + Random + RandomMod + SubMod<Output = Self::UInt> + Zeroize;

    const ORDER: Self::UInt;
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Elliptic curve.

This trait is intended to be impl’d by a ZST which represents a concrete elliptic curve.

Other traits in this crate which are bounded by Curve are intended to be impl’d by these ZSTs, facilitating types which are generic over elliptic curves (e.g. SecretKey).

Required Associated Types

Integer type used to represent field elements of this elliptic curve.

Required Associated Constants

Order constant.

Subdivided into either 32-bit or 64-bit “limbs” (depending on the target CPU’s word size), specified from least to most significant.