[][src]Enum easy_jsonrpc::Params

pub enum Params {
    Named(Map<String, Value>),

Represetaion of jsonrpc arguments. Passing no arguments is assumed to be semantically equivalent to passing 0 positional args, or passing a map with zero entries.

Users of this library will rarely need to deal with this type.



Arguments were either not present (expressed as a length 0 list), or arguments were provided as a json list.

Named(Map<String, Value>)

Arguments were provided as a json dictionary.


impl Params[src]

pub fn get_rpc_args(
    names: &[&'static str]
) -> Result<Vec<Value>, InvalidArgs>

Verify and convert Params to an argument list. If arguments are provided as named parameters, interpret them as positional arguments using the names argument as a key.


  • Number of args in positional parameter list is correct
  • No missing args in named parameter object
  • No extra args in named parameter object

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Params[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Params

impl Sync for Params

impl Unpin for Params

impl UnwindSafe for Params

impl RefUnwindSafe for Params

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