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dl_api is a library for dynamically loading API's from .dll/.so/.dylib files. It's based off of rust-dlopen. A lot of simplifications have been made.

It's the easiest, simplest and safest way to load dynamic (shared object) libraries!

Getting Started: Example

The code inside of the curly braces for link!() matches exactly with code inside of the curly braces for extern "C". This makes it easy for you to turn your extern "C"s into link!()s.

// Shared object: either "libmylibrary.so.1", "mylibrary-1.dll" or "libMyLibrary.dylib"
dl_api::link!(MyApi, "libmylibrary.so.1", {
    fn cFunction(param_name: *mut u32) -> u32;

fn main() {
    let api = MyApi::new().unwrap(); // unwrap the `Result`.

    let rtn: u32 = unsafe {



Macro to generate the API struct.



Error type for this library.