Trait discard::Discard[][src]

pub trait Discard {
    fn discard(self);

This trait is very similar to Drop: it allows for cleaning up memory and resources when they are no longer needed.

However, unlike Drop you need to manually call the discard method.

It is extremely common to use DiscardOnDrop, which will cause it to automatically call the discard method when it is dropped. In that situation Discard behaves exactly the same as Drop.

You can use DiscardOnDrop::leak to intentionally leak the value (which causes discard to not be called), and then later you can manually call discard to clean up the resources, even after the resources have been leaked.

See the module documentation for more details.

Required Methods

This consumes the value and cleans up any memory / resources / etc. that the value was using.

See the module documentation for more details.