[][src]Trait digest::Digest

pub trait Digest {
    type OutputSize: ArrayLength<u8>;
    fn new() -> Self;
fn update(&mut self, data: impl AsRef<[u8]>);
fn chain(self, data: impl AsRef<[u8]>) -> Self
        Self: Sized
fn finalize(self) -> Output<Self>;
fn finalize_reset(&mut self) -> Output<Self>;
fn reset(&mut self);
fn output_size() -> usize;
fn digest(data: &[u8]) -> Output<Self>; }

The Digest trait specifies an interface common for digest functions.

It's a convenience wrapper around Update, FixedOutput, Reset, Clone, and Default traits. It also provides additional convenience methods.

Associated Types

type OutputSize: ArrayLength<u8>

Output size for Digest

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Required methods

fn new() -> Self

Create new hasher instance

fn update(&mut self, data: impl AsRef<[u8]>)

Digest data, updating the internal state.

This method can be called repeatedly for use with streaming messages.

fn chain(self, data: impl AsRef<[u8]>) -> Self where
    Self: Sized

Digest input data in a chained manner.

fn finalize(self) -> Output<Self>

Retrieve result and consume hasher instance.

fn finalize_reset(&mut self) -> Output<Self>

Retrieve result and reset hasher instance.

This method sometimes can be more efficient compared to hasher re-creation.

fn reset(&mut self)

Reset hasher instance to its initial state.

fn output_size() -> usize

Get output size of the hasher

fn digest(data: &[u8]) -> Output<Self>

Convenience function to compute hash of the data. It will handle hasher creation, data feeding and finalization.


This example is not tested
println!("{:x}", sha2::Sha256::digest(b"Hello world"));
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impl<D: Update + FixedOutput + Reset + Clone + Default> Digest for D[src]

type OutputSize = Self::OutputSize

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