Trait differential_dataflow::difference::Monoid[][src]

pub trait Monoid: Semigroup {
    fn zero() -> Self;

A semigroup with an explicit zero element.

Required methods

fn zero() -> Self[src]

A zero element under the semigroup addition operator.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Monoid for isize[src]

impl Monoid for i128[src]

impl Monoid for i64[src]

impl Monoid for i32[src]

impl Monoid for i16[src]

impl Monoid for i8[src]

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impl<R1: Monoid, R2: Monoid> Monoid for DiffPair<R1, R2>[src]

impl<R: Semigroup> Monoid for DiffVector<R>[src]

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