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Devlog is a command-line tool for tracking your day-to-day software development work.

Devlog entries are stored as numbered files in a directory called a repository. Each entry may contain tasks, which each are assigned a status.

This library provides a programmatic interface to the functionality of the devlog tool.


pub use config::Config;
pub use error::Error;
pub use file::LogFile;
pub use path::LogPath;
pub use repository::LogRepository;
pub use task::Task;
pub use task::TaskStatus;


Load configuration values from environment variables.

Open a file using a text editor program (e.g. vim or nano)

Error type returned by the devlog library.

Load and parse a devlog entry file.

A hook is an executable program called while executing a devlog command. It allows users to customize devlog for their workflows. Hooks are located in the hooks subdirectory of the devlog repository.

Path to a devlog entry file.

A devlog repository is a directory containing devlog entry files.

Rollover is an operation that copies incomplete tasks from the latest devlog entry file to a new devlog entry file.

Report tasks from the most recent devlog entry file, grouped by task status type.

A task is something the user wants or needs to do.