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This crate provides types for identifiers of object files, such as executables, dynamic libraries or debug companion files. The concept originates in Google Breakpad and defines two types:

  • CodeId: Identifies the file containing source code, i.e. the actual library or executable. The identifier is platform dependent and implementation defined. Thus, there is no canonical representation.
  • DebugId: Identifies a debug information file, which may or may not use information from the Code ID. The contents are also implementation defined, but as opposed to CodeId, the structure is streamlined across platforms. It is also guaranteed to be 32 bytes in size.


Wrapper around DebugId for Breakpad formatting.

Unique platform-dependent identifier of code files.

Unique identifier for debug information files and their debug information.

Indicates an error parsing a CodeId.

Indicates an error parsing a DebugId.