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High level DDC/CI monitor controls.


use ddc_hi::{Ddc, Display};

for mut display in Display::enumerate() {
    println!("{:?} {}: {:?} {:?}",,,,
    if let Some(feature) = {
        let value = display.handle.get_vcp_feature(feature.code).unwrap();
        println!("{}: {:?}",, value);


An active handle to a connected display.

Identifying information about an attached display.

VCP Value


Identifies the backend driver used to communicate with a display.

A handle allowing communication with a display

A query to filter out matching displays.

VCP feature type.


A high level interface to DDC commands.

A DDC host is able to communicate with a DDC device such as a display.

Table commands can read and write arbitrary binary data to a VCP feature.

Type Definitions

VCP feature code