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Multiple choice proposal deposit contract

dao-pre-propose-multiple on crates.io docs.rs

This is a pre-propose module that manages proposal deposits for the dao-proposal-multiple proposal module.

It may accept either native (bank module), cw20 tokens, or no tokens as a deposit. If a proposal deposit is enabled the following refund strategies are avaliable:

  1. Never refund deposits. All deposits are sent to the DAO on proposal completion.
  2. Always refund deposits. Deposits are returned to the proposer on proposal completion.
  3. Only refund passed proposals. Deposits are only returned to the proposer if the proposal passes. Otherwise, they are sent to the DAO.

This module may also be configured to only accept proposals from members (addresses with voting power) of the DAO.

Here is a flowchart showing the proposal creation process using this module:


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