[][src]Struct cv_core::WorldPose

pub struct WorldPose(pub Isometry3<f64>);

This contains a world pose, which is a pose of the world relative to the camera. This maps WorldPoint into CameraPoint, changing an absolute position into a vector relative to the camera.


impl WorldPose[src]

pub fn projection_error(
    correspondence: KeyPointWorldMatch
) -> Vector2<f64>

Computes difference between the image keypoint and the projected keypoint.

pub fn project(&self, point: WorldPoint) -> NormalizedKeyPoint[src]

Projects the WorldPoint onto the camera as a NormalizedKeyPoint.

pub fn transform(&self, WorldPoint: WorldPoint) -> CameraPoint[src]

Projects the WorldPoint into camera space as a CameraPoint.

pub fn projection_pose_jacobian(
    point: WorldPoint
) -> MatrixMN<f64, U7, U2>

Computes the Jacobian of the projection in respect to the WorldPose. The Jacobian is in the format:

| dx/dtx dy/dPx |
| dx/dty dy/dPy |
| dx/dtz dy/dPz |
| dx/dqr dy/dqr |
| dx/dqx dy/dqx |
| dx/dqy dy/dqy |
| dx/dqz dy/dqz |

Where t refers to the translation vector and q refers to the unit quaternion.

pub fn to_vec(&self) -> VectorN<f64, U7>[src]

pub fn from_vec(v: VectorN<f64, U7>) -> Self[src]

Trait Implementations

impl AsMut<Isometry<f64, U3, Unit<Quaternion<f64>>>> for WorldPose[src]

impl AsRef<Isometry<f64, U3, Unit<Quaternion<f64>>>> for WorldPose[src]

impl Clone for WorldPose[src]

impl Copy for WorldPose[src]

impl Debug for WorldPose[src]

impl Deref for WorldPose[src]

type Target = Isometry3<f64>

The resulting type after dereferencing.

impl DerefMut for WorldPose[src]

impl From<CameraPose> for WorldPose[src]

impl From<Isometry<f64, U3, Unit<Quaternion<f64>>>> for WorldPose[src]

impl From<WorldPose> for Isometry3<f64>[src]

impl From<WorldPose> for CameraPose[src]

impl Model<KeyPointWorldMatch> for WorldPose[src]

impl PartialEq<WorldPose> for WorldPose[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for WorldPose[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for WorldPose

impl Sync for WorldPose

impl Unpin for WorldPose

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