Struct curl::easy::SslOpt [] [src]

pub struct SslOpt { /* fields omitted */ }

Structure which stores possible ssl options to pass to ssl_options.


impl SslOpt

Creates a new set of SSL options.

Tells libcurl to disable certificate revocation checks for those SSL backends where such behavior is present.

Currently this option is only supported for WinSSL (the native Windows SSL library), with an exception in the case of Windows' Untrusted Publishers blacklist which it seems can't be bypassed. This option may have broader support to accommodate other SSL backends in the future.

Tells libcurl to not attempt to use any workarounds for a security flaw in the SSL3 and TLS1.0 protocols.

If this option isn't used or this bit is set to 0, the SSL layer libcurl uses may use a work-around for this flaw although it might cause interoperability problems with some (older) SSL implementations.

WARNING: avoiding this work-around lessens the security, and by setting this option to 1 you ask for exactly that. This option is only supported for DarwinSSL, NSS and OpenSSL.

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