[][src]Enum csv::QuoteStyle

pub enum QuoteStyle {
    // some variants omitted

The quoting style to use when writing CSV data.



This puts quotes around every field. Always.


This puts quotes around fields only when necessary.

They are necessary when fields contain a quote, delimiter or record terminator. Quotes are also necessary when writing an empty record (which is indistinguishable from a record with one empty field).

This is the default.


This puts quotes around all fields that are non-numeric. Namely, when writing a field that does not parse as a valid float or integer, then quotes will be used even if they aren't strictly necessary.


This never writes quotes, even if it would produce invalid CSV data.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for QuoteStyle[src]

impl Copy for QuoteStyle[src]

impl Debug for QuoteStyle[src]

impl Default for QuoteStyle[src]

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