Enum csv::ErrorKind[][src]

pub enum ErrorKind {
    Utf8 {
        pos: Option<Position>,
        err: Utf8Error,
    UnequalLengths {
        pos: Option<Position>,
        expected_len: u64,
        len: u64,
    Deserialize {
        pos: Option<Position>,
        err: DeserializeError,
    // some variants omitted

The specific type of an error.


An I/O error that occurred while reading CSV data.

A UTF-8 decoding error that occured while reading CSV data into Rust Strings.

Fields of Utf8

The position of the record in which this error occurred, if available.

The corresponding UTF-8 error.

This error occurs when two records with an unequal number of fields are found. This error only occurs when the flexible option in a CSV reader/writer is disabled.

Fields of UnequalLengths

The position of the first record with an unequal number of fields to the previous record, if available.

The expected number of fields in a record. This is the number of fields in the record read prior to the record indicated by pos.

The number of fields in the bad record.

This error occurs when either the byte_headers or headers methods are called on a CSV reader that was asked to seek before it parsed the first record.

An error of this kind occurs only when using the Serde serializer.

An error of this kind occurs only when performing automatic deserialization with serde.

Fields of Deserialize

The position of this error, if available.

The deserialization error.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ErrorKind

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for ErrorKind

impl Sync for ErrorKind