[][src]Struct crystal_engine::ModelData

pub struct ModelData {
    pub position: Vector3<f32>,
    pub rotation: Euler<Rad<f32>>,
    pub scale: f32,
    pub groups: Vec<ModelDataGroup>,
    // some fields omitted

Data of a model. This is behind an Arc<RwLock<>> so that the engine can keep a copy and check the latest values.

For an example on how to use this, see the example in the root of this module. This is the value passed in ModelHandle::modify.


position: Vector3<f32>

The current position in the world that this model exists at.

rotation: Euler<Rad<f32>>

The rotation of this model, in euler angles.

scale: f32

The scale of this model.

groups: Vec<ModelDataGroup>

Contains the data of the groups in the model. If your 3d model has multiple parts, you can move them individually with this property.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ModelData[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for ModelData

impl !Send for ModelData

impl !Sync for ModelData

impl Unpin for ModelData

impl !UnwindSafe for ModelData

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