[][src]Struct crossbeam_utils::sync::Unparker

pub struct Unparker { /* fields omitted */ }

Unparks a thread parked by the associated Parker.


impl Unparker[src]

pub fn unpark(&self)[src]

Atomically makes the token available if it is not already.

This method will wake up the thread blocked on park or park_timeout, if there is any.


use std::thread;
use std::time::Duration;
use crossbeam_utils::sync::Parker;

let mut p = Parker::new();
let u = p.unparker().clone();

thread::spawn(move || {

// Wakes up when `u.unpark()` provides the token, but may also wake up
// spuriously before that without consuming the token.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Unparker[src]

impl Debug for Unparker[src]

impl Send for Unparker[src]

impl Sync for Unparker[src]

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