zte 0.1.4

A buffer/window-driven text editor that takes inspiration from Howl
zte-0.1.4 is not a library.


Zesterer's Text Editor


ZTE is a personal project. I grew frustrated with existing text editors and wanted something that worked exactly as I liked. This is not designed to be a general-purpose text editor with lots of fancy bells and whistles - it's supposed to work as I want it to and no more besides.


  • Multi-pane editor
  • Clipboard support
  • Buffers are independent of editors
  • Buffer switching and opening
  • Automatic indentation
  • Syntax highlighting for
    • .rs
    • .toml
    • .glsl
    • .ron
    • .md
    • .log


Text manipulation

Within an editor pane, 'standard' non-modal keybindings apply:

  • Arrow keys + page up + page down to move around the text

  • Control + arrow keys to move around the text word-wise

  • Shift + arrow keys to select text

  • Ctrl + X: Cut

  • Ctrl + C: Copy

  • Ctrl + V: Paste

  • Ctrl + D: Duplicate line or selection

Editor pane manipulation

  • Alt + W/A/S/D: Switch to the next editor pane in the given direction
  • Alt + Shift + W/A/S/D: Create a new editor pane in the given direction
  • Alt + Q: Close the current editor pane

Buffer manipulation

  • Ctrl + O: Open a file in a new buffer (or reuse an existing buffer if the file is already open)

  • Ctrl + S: Save the current buffer

  • Ctrl + N: Create a new buffer (currently not useful until saving buffers with new names is implemented, use Ctrl + O instead to create a new file)

  • Ctrl + B: Switch the current editor pane to a new buffer

  • Ctrl + Q: Close the current buffer (unsaved data will be lost)


  • Esc: Cancel the current action (or close the editor)