zkinterface_bellman 1.3.2

Bellman circuit construction and proving system for zkInterface
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zkInterface Bellman adapter

More on zkInterface: https://github.com/QED-it/zkinterface

More on Bellman: https://github.com/zcash/librustzcash


Bellman prover.

Validate that the witness satisfies the constraints:

zkif_bellman validate

Print the circuit in a text-form:

zkif_bellman print

Generate public parameters:

zkif_bellman setup <workspace>

Generate a proof using the public parameters:

zkif_bellman prove <workspace>

The circuit and witness are read from stdin in zkInterface format. The filenames of keys and proofs are derived from the workspace argument; defaults to the current directory.


Create a proving key:

cat src/demo_import_from_zokrates/messages/*.zkif | cargo run --release setup

Create a proof:

cat src/demo_import_from_zokrates/messages/*.zkif | cargo run --release prove