zip 0.5.3

Library to support the reading and writing of zip files.


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A zip library for rust which supports reading and writing of simple ZIP files.

Supported compression formats:

  • stored (i.e. none)
  • deflate
  • bzip2

Currently unsupported zip extensions:

  • Encryption
  • Multi-disk


With all default features:

zip = "0.5"

Without the default features:

zip = { version = "0.5", default-features = false }

The features available are:

  • deflate: Enables the deflate compression algorithm, which is the default for zipfiles
  • bzip2: Enables the BZip2 compression algorithm.
  • time: Enables features using the time crate.

All of these are enabled by default.


See the examples directory for:

  • How to write a file to a zip.
  • how to write a directory of files to a zip (using walkdir).
  • How to extract a zip file.
  • How to extract a single file from a zip.
  • How to read a zip from the standard input.