yy-boss 0.9.4

A collection of typings for GameMaker Studio 2 YY and YYP files
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This is a library, created for the development of Fields of Mistria, a farming RPG with tons of Sprites, by NPC Studio. This tool was created to support an Aseprite -> GMS2 pipeline tool. That tool is not public, but largely because it's specific to our own workflows. Using this tool, one should be able to generate their own pipeline without difficulty.


This repository is dedicated to the YY-BOSS, a higher level interface for creating, editing, and removing resources from Gms2.

If a lower level control is something you're interested in, the typings are entirely public facing, and you can use those to build your own thing. If, on the the other hand, you are more interested in building tools using a YYP manipulator, then this might suit your needs.

The following has been done:

  • YYP
  • Sprites
  • ResourceTypes
  • TextureGroups
  • Tilesets
  • Sounds
  • Paths
  • Scripts
  • Shaders
  • Fonts
  • Timelines
  • [-] Sequences
  • Objects
  • Rooms
  • Notes
  • Included Files
  • Extensions
  • Options
  • Configurations

The Future Development of this Crate

This crate will be developed as it is needed for further tools for Fields of Mistria. Eventually, even if Fields of Mistria does not need it, the intention is for this crate to be feature complete.