xmlsec 0.2.2

Wrapper for xmlsec1 library
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Rust wrapper for xmlsec1

This library aims at wrapping xmlsec1 and being interoperable with rust-libxml, while attemting to be as correct and comfortable to use as possible.

Things needing improvement

  • Better input sanitization of string arguments. Currently they get blindly turned into a FFI version and passed through to xmlsec.
  • Proper management for xmlsec error handling. Currently things fail very opaquely without actually telling you why the signing process failed, just that it failed for the particular job.
  • More expressive error handling chain.

Things not yet supported

  • XML encryption.
  • Key management (as in xmlsec key manager). Though the value of wrapping that should be debated first. It may be more sensible to lift that to pure Rust instead.
  • Dynamic selection of crypto backend.


Help in any way improving or completing the wrapping of xmlsec features always very welcome! Please keep some things in mind before PR'ing your changes;

  • Please check tests for breakage and write new ones to cover your changes.
  • Please run valgrind over your tests and make sure you are not leaking resources.

Tested platforms

  • Debian Buster (10.x)