xkpwgen 1.0.1

Generate XKCD 936 passwords
xkpwgen-1.0.1 is not a library.
Visit the last successful build: xkpwgen-0.5.1


Generate XKCD 936 passwords:

Password Strength


$ cargo install xkpwgen


Invoke xkpwgen to generate five passwords:

$ xkpwgen
gains spate rush dine
stool added split skirt
venom foul slack rubs
leer merit ting slate
cribs flock stars help

Use -l to change the length of passwords, and -n to change the number of passwords:

$ xkpwgen -l 10 -n 2
goals tray guy mill mint cores focus kudos mares beady
ins hark sodas omit glove goofs spurt mash gait beer

See xkpwgen --help for more information.


xkpwgen uses the pokerware wordlists by Christopher Wellons. His blog post explains in detail how he collected these wordlists. In essence the default “formal” wordlist comes from formal publications whereas the alternative “slang” wordlist collects popular words from Reddit comments.


Wordlist copyright (C) 2017 Christopher Wellons, released to public domain.

xkpwgen copyright (C) 2017–2022 Sebastian Wiesner

xkpwgen is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.