xkcdpass 0.5.0

Generate XKCD style passwords made up by four (or any other number of) random english words from a word list.
xkcdpass-0.5.0 is not a library.

xkcdpass - XKCD Style Password Generator


Generate passwords made up by four (or any other number of) random words from a word list (7776 common English words).

With the default of 4 words, there are 7776^4 = 3656158440062976 possible word combinations, which corresponds to about 51 bits of entropy. When using 6 words, the entropy is increased to about 77 bit.



Install via cargo...

$ cargo install xkcdpass

...or build locally.

$ cargo build --release


$ xkcdpass
pleased excellence space strain
$ xkcdpass -c 6
simplified far shade warranty carmen messages

Word List

By default, this program uses the "Long" wordlist by EFF: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/07/new-wordlists-random-passphrases

Alternatively, you can provide your own wordlist(s):

$ xkcdpass -w wordlist1.txt -w wordlist2.txt

When providing multiple wordlists, they are concatenated.


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