xdg-basedir 0.2.2

Library to help with the XDG basedir spec


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xdg-basedir is a utility library to make conforming to the XDG basedir specification easier.


extern crate xdg_basedir;

use xdg_basedir::*;
use std::path::PathBuf;
let data_home: PathBuf = try!(get_data_home());

Unstable features:

  • Test runtime directory: A function to check if a directory satisfies the XDG spec's requirements of a runtime directory.

The default build of xdg-basedir does not use any unstable libstd features. To enable them, you'll need to use the nightly build of rustc and build xdg-basedir with the 'unstable' feature toggle.

version = "0.1.2"
features = ["unstable"]

Alternate implementation and some initial source borrowed from rust-xdg. The APIs provided by rust-xdg and xdg-basedir are different.