widestring 0.2.2

A wide string FFI library for converting to and from Windows Wide "Unicode" (UTF-16) strings.
##### Appveyor Rust Install Script #####

# https://github.com/starkat99/appveyor-rust

# This is the most important part of the Appveyor configuration. This installs the version of Rust
# specified by the "channel" and "target" environment variables from the build matrix. By default,
# Rust will be installed to C:\Rust for easy usage, but this path can be overridden by setting the
# RUST_INSTALL_DIR environment variable. The URL to download rust distributions defaults to
# https://static.rust-lang.org/dist/ but can overridden by setting the RUST_DOWNLOAD_URL environment
# variable.
# For simple configurations, instead of using the build matrix, you can override the channel and
# target environment variables with the --channel and --target script arguments.
# If no channel or target arguments or environment variables are specified, will default to stable
# channel and x86_64-pc-windows-msvc target.

param([string]$channel=${env:channel}, [string]$target=${env:target})

# Initialize our parameters from arguments and environment variables, falling back to defaults
if (!$channel) {
    $channel = "stable"
if (!$target) {
    $target = "x86_64-pc-windows-msvc"

$downloadUrl = "https://static.rust-lang.org/dist/"
    $downloadUrl = $env:RUST_DOWNLOAD_URL

$installDir = "C:\Rust"
if ($env:RUST_INSTALL_DIR) {
    $installUrl = $env:RUST_INSTALL_DIR

if ($channel -eq "stable") {
    # Download manifest so we can find actual filename of installer to download. Needed for stable.
    echo "Downloading $channel channel manifest"
    $manifest = "${env:Temp}\channel-rust-${channel}"
    Start-FileDownload "${downloadUrl}channel-rust-${channel}" -FileName "$manifest"

    # Search the manifest lines for the correct filename based on target
    $match = Get-Content "$manifest" | Select-String -pattern "${target}.exe" -simplematch

    if (!$match -or !$match.line) {
        throw "Could not find $target in $channel channel manifest"

    $installer = $match.line
} else {
    # Otherwise download the file specified by channel directly.
    $installer = "rust-${channel}-${target}.exe"

# Download installer
echo "Downloading ${downloadUrl}$installer"
Start-FileDownload "${downloadUrl}$installer" -FileName "${env:Temp}\$installer"

# Execute installer and wait for it to finish
echo "Installing $installer to $installDir"
&"${env:Temp}\$installer" /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /DIR="$installDir" | Write-Output

# Add Rust to the path.
$env:Path += ";${installDir}\bin;C:\MinGW\bin"

echo "Installation of $channel Rust $target completed"

# Test and display installed version information for rustc and cargo
rustc -V
cargo -V