whirlpool-asm 0.1.0

Assembly implementation of Whirlpool hash function

An implementation of the Whirlpool cryptographic hash algorithm.

This is the algorithm recommended by NESSIE (New European Schemes for Signatures, Integrity and Encryption; an European research project).

The constants used by Whirlpool were changed twice (2001 and 2003) - this module only implements the most recent standard. The two older Whirlpool implementations (sometimes called Whirlpool-0 (pre 2001) and Whirlpool-T (pre 2003)) were not used much anyway (both have never been recommended by NESSIE).

For details see http://www.larc.usp.br/~pbarreto/WhirlpoolPage.html.


use whirlpool_asm::{Whirlpool, Digest};

let mut hasher = Whirlpool::default();
hasher.input(b"Hello Whirlpool");
let result = hasher.result();