vk-mem-alloc 0.2.0

A very lightweight wrapper around the Vulkan Memory Allocator
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🌋 vk-mem-alloc-rs

A very lightweight wrapper around the Vulkan Memory Allocator 🦀

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vk-mem-alloc = "0.2.0"

Simple Vulkan Memory Allocator example

// Create the allocator
let allocator = vk_mem_alloc::create_allocator(&instance, physical_device, &device, None).unwrap();

let buffer_create_info = vk::BufferCreateInfo {
    usage: vk::BufferUsageFlags::STORAGE_BUFFER,

let allocation_create_info = vk_mem_alloc::AllocationCreateInfo {
    usage: vk_mem_alloc::MemoryUsage::AUTO_PREFER_DEVICE,

// Create the buffer
let (buffer, allocation, allocation_info) = vk_mem_alloc::create_buffer(allocator, &buffer_create_info, &allocation_create_info).unwrap();


// Destroy the buffer
vk_mem_alloc::destroy_buffer(allocator, buffer, allocation);

// Destroy the allocator


  • AMD for creating the Vulkan Memory Allocator.
  • The Ash community for creating such an awesome rust wrapper around Vulkan.
  • Graham Wihlidal for creating vk-mem, my buildscript is based on its build script.