varia-bsdiff 0.0.0

A Rust 'bsdiff' implementation for Varia.
# Varia: `bsdiff`

A [`bsdiff`] implementation for [Varia], brought to you by [@NikolaiVazquez]!

This library is developed as part of the [Ocean Package Manager][Ocean].

The binary diffing algorithm by Colin Percival is described in his
["Naïve Differences of Executable Code"][paper] paper.

## Usage

This crate is available [on][crate] and can be used by adding the
following to your project's [`Cargo.toml`]:

varia-bsdiff = "0.0.0"

and this to your crate root (`` or ``):

extern crate varia_bsdiff;

This last step is optional in [Rust 2018 edition][2018].

## License

Varia is released under either:

- [MIT License]
- [Apache License (Version 2.0)]

at your choosing.