vape 0.4.0

full width aesthetics
vape-0.4.0 is not a library.


full width aesthetics

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vape is a command-line tool that converts text into "vaporwave" text - fullwidth UTF-8 characters.

More technically, characters in the range U+0021 to U+007E are translated forward by 0xFEE0, and the space character U+0020 is converted to the ideographic (fullwidth) space U+3000.


$ printf 'the longer you live, the more ad revenue you generate\n' | vape
the longer you live, the more ad revenue you generate

You can also append up to 255 random fullwidth katakana:

$ printf 'cool, and nice\n' | vape -k 5
cool, and nice リマヾソル


cargo install vape

Alternatively, direct binary downloads for a variety of platforms can be found on the releases page.