ux 0.0.1

Implement the following non standard integers: `u2`, `u3`, `u4, `u5`, `u6`, `u7`, `u9`, `u10`, `u11`, `u12`, `u13`, u14`, `u15`, `u17`, `u18`, `u19`, `u20`, `u21`, u22`, `u23`, `u24`, `u25`, `u26`, `u27`, `u28`, `u29`, `u30`, `u31`, `u33`, `u34`, `u35`, `u36`, `u37`, u38`, `u39`, `u40`, `u41`, `u42`, `u43`, `u44`, `u45`, u46`, `u47`, `u48`, `u49`, `u50`, `u51`, `u52`, `u53`, u54`, `u55`, `u56`, `u57`, `u58`, `u59`, `u60`, `u61`, u62`, `u63`, `i2`, `i3`, `i4, `i5`, `i6`, `i7`, `i9`, `i10`, `i11`, `i12`, `i13`, i14`, `i15`, `i17`, `i18`, `i19`, `i20`, `i21`, i22`, `i23`, `i24`, `i25`, `i26`, `i27`, `i28`, `i29`, `i30`, `i31`, `i33`, `i34`, `i35`, `i36`, `i37`, i38`, `i39`, `i40`, `i41`, `i42`, `i43`, `i44`, `i45`, i46`, `i47`, `i48`, `i49`, `i50`, `i51`, `i52`, `i53`, i54`, `i55`, `i56`, `i57`, `i58`, `i59`, `i60`, `i61`, i62`, `i63`

uX Build Status

Non standard integer types like u7, u9, u10, u63, i7, i9 etc

When non-standard-width integers is required in an applications, the norm is to use a larger container and make sure the value is within range after manipulation. uX aims to take care of this once and for all by:

  • Providing u2-u63 and i2-i63 types that should behave as similar as possible to the built in rust types
    • The methods of the defined types are the same as for the built in types (far from all is implemented at this point but fill out an issue or create a PR if something essential for you is missing)
    • Overflow will panic in debug and wrap in release.
  • When i128 and u128 is stabilized this crate will also support u65-u127 and i65-i127
  • All possible lossless conversions is possible by using From.
  • When TryFrom is stabilized fallible conversions will also be supported.


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