ut-dialog 0.1.0

A work-in-progress UNDERTALE dialog box generator library
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A work-in-progress dialog box generator library based on toby fox' UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE, written in rust. The goal is to be as accurate as possible to the games they're based on, and to support the original games' text format. Eventually, the goal is to also have a simple webapp hosted on Heroku to use it via a JSON API.

Run test binary

May require the latest Rust nightly version.

cargo run --release

Outputs test_dialog.png in the project root directory.


Coming soon... when it's ready.


You can contact me on Discord if you need anything, just DM hyarsan#3653 or join the LibreGMR server, which is a project about interpreting GameMaker games via a libretro core.

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