upwd 0.3.3

Random password generator
upwd-0.3.3 is not a library.
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Random password generator


Use cargo package manager

cargo install upwd


  • Generation of password for a given length or entropy
  • Generation of multiple passwords
  • User-definable character sets
  • Unicode Character Support

Usage examples

Generates a 12-character password using upper and lowercase letters, digits, special symbols and unicode characters:

upwd -uldso -L 12

Generate a password with default settings:


For more information use --help flag

upwd 0.3.0
Andrey Vikulov <avikuloff@yandex.ru>
Random password generator

    upwd [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -u, --uppercase    Use UPPERCASE letters [A-Z]
    -l, --lowercase    Use lowercase letters [a-z]
    -d, --digits       Use digits [0-9]
    -s, --symbols      Use special symbols [*&^%$#@!~]
    -o, --others       Use other symbols [♕♖♗♘♙♚...]
    -i, --info         Prints password information
        --config       Sets config to default values
    -h, --help         Prints help information
    -V, --version      Prints version information

    -L, --length <NUMBER>     Sets the required password length [default: 12]
    -E, --entropy <NUMBER>    Sets the minimum required password entropy (conflicts with --length)
    -c, --count <NUMBER>      Number of passwords [default: 1]

If you do not specify any of the [--uppercase, --lowercase, --digits, --symbols, --others] flags, then
uppercase, lowercase letters and digits will be used.

Edit character sets

Run the program with --config flag, this will create a config file in /path/to/config/dir/upwd/upwd.conf. Open this file in a text editor and change the character sets.


upwd is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).