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unixbar unlicense

A better way to set up your lemonbar/dzen2/i3bar: with Rust and cargo-script instead of shell scripting or dynamic languages.


Included widgets:

  • date/time
  • systemstat CPU/RAM/etc. measurements
  • XKB current keyboard layout
  • music via D-Bus MPRIS (Rhythmbox, Clementine, Spotify, etc.) or MPD
  • volume via Linux ALSA or FreeBSD mixer
  • bspwm desktops


  • colors
  • alignment
  • separator control (i3bar)
  • click handlers (both shell and Rust code in i3bar, only shell in lemonbar and dzen2)
  • possible to disable systemstat, XKB (libxcb), D-Bus from the build via Cargo features


See examples/


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