ulule 0.0.3

API bindings for the Ulule v1 HTTP API


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Rust API bindings for the Ulule v1 HTTP API. This library rely on rust Futures to allow asynchronous usage.

Ulule API documentation


Put this in Cargo.toml:

ulule = "0.0.2"

and this in the crate root:

extern crate ulule;


cargo test


Run file from examples with:

cargo run --example <example> -- <example flags> <example args>

Getting Started

To get started, create a client:

let client = ulule::client::Client::new();

Search for the last three project created matching the term beer with their owner:

let p = search::Params::new()

// inside an actor system like actix_rt
let projects: search::Projects = actix_rt::System::new("test").block_on(lazy(|| {
        search::projects(&client, Some(p))