ulule 0.0.0

API bindings for the Ulule v1 HTTP API


Rust API bindings for the Ulule v1 HTTP API. This library rely on rust Futures to allow asynchronous usage.

Ulule API documentation


Put this in Cargo.toml:

ulule = "0.0.0"

and this in the crate root:

extern crate ulule;


cargo test


Run file from examples with:

cargo run --example <example> -- <example flags> <example args>

Getting Started

To get started, create a client:

let client = ulule::client::Client::new();

Search for the last three project created matching the term beer with their owner:

let p = search::Params::new()

// inside an actor system like actix_rt
let projects: search::Projects = actix_rt::System::new("test").block_on(lazy(|| {
        search::projects(&client, Some(p))