typify_gostruct 1.0.0

A rust tool meant to convert a golang struct to a type object of available languages.

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A rust tool meant to convert a golang struct to a type object/interface or the supported languages.

Supported languages / typesystems.

  1. flow
  2. typescript

How to use

use typify_gostruct::Source;

fn main() -> Result<(), Vec<String>> {
    let example = r#"
    type Region struct {
    Country string `json:"country"`
    State string `json:"state"`
    // converts to flow

    let source = Source::new(example);
    let result = source.transform_to("flow")?;
    println!("{}", result);
    // result will be
    // // @flow
   //export type Region = {country : string, state : string, }

    // converts to typescript
    let result = source.transform_to("typescript")?;
    println!("{}", result);

    // result will be
   //export interface Region = {country : string, state : string, }


Running the examples

The examples folder contains various examples of how the library works & is to be used.

To run a specific example run the following command


cargo run --example flow
cargo run --example typescript


  • Re-introduce tests & fix bugs.
  • Add documentation for the library.
  • Introduce interpreter support for other languages,eg, gostruct -> rust struct....
  • Make a WASM wrapper for this library so that it can be used natively on the web.