tugger-apple-codesign 0.5.0

Pure Rust interface to code signing on Apple platforms


tugger-apple-codesign is a crate implementing functionality related to code signing on Apple platforms in pure Rust (no use of codesign or other proprietary Apple tools).

See the crate documentation for more.

rcodesign CLI

This crate defines an rcodesign binary which provides a CLI interface to some of the crate's capabilities. To install:

# From a Git checkout
$ cargo run --bin rcodesign -- --help
$ cargo install --bin rcodesign

# Remote install.
$ cargo install --git https://github.com/indygreg/PyOxidizer --branch main rcodesign

Project Relationship

tugger-apple-codesign is part of the Tugger application distribution tool but exists as its own crate to facilitate code reuse for other tools wishing to perform similar functionality. Tugger is part of the PyOxidizer project and this crate is developed in that repository.

While this crate is developed as part of a larger project, modifications to support its use outside of its primary use case are very much welcome!