tremor-influx 0.1.0

Tremor Influx Parser

influx parser

Influx wire protocol parsing

Parses a influx wire protocol into a map.

Use as a library

The influx parser was designed so that influx wire protocol style parsing could be embedded into tremor's scripting language for extract operations.

The parser can also be used standalone

  let s = "weather,location=us-midwest temperature_str=\"too hot\\\\\\\\\\cold\" 1465839830100400206";
  let r: Value = json!({
    "measurement": "weather",
    "tags": {
      "location": "us-midwest"
    "fields": {
       "temperature_str": "too hot\\\\\\cold"
    "timestamp": 1_465_839_830_100_400_206i64, }
  assert_eq!(Ok(Some(r)), decode(s, 0))