tracker-rs 0.1.0

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Tracker-rs for Tracker 3.0

The Rust API is documented here:

All the functions that GIR can simply generate are available. Some things haven't been added to tracker-rs yet though:

  • The class EndpointDBus is not available.
  • The function foreach in NamespaceManager is not available.
  • The function get_values in Resource is not available.
  • The function update_array_async in SparqlConnection is not available.
  • The sparql utility functions are missing.

Work In Progress

  • Write examples to check the basic functionality is working.
  • Test flatpak intergration and async functionality.

I do not know enough of Rust, C, or FFI to enable the class and functions above, I will try in the future. Please contribute to enable everything in Tracker 3.x, writing the functions in idiomatic rust, and creating working examples. Also a suite of tests would be awesome!


To regenerate the the code from the gir files. Run To also obtain the latest gir/ and tracker-sys/gir-files/, run update