tonic 0.9.2

A gRPC over HTTP/2 implementation focused on high performance, interoperability, and flexibility.
//! Generic server implementation.
//! This module contains the low level components to build a gRPC server. It
//! provides a codec agnostic gRPC server handler.
//! The items in this module are generally designed to be used by some codegen
//! tool that will provide the user some custom way to implement the server that
//! will implement the proper gRPC service. Thusly, they are a bit hard to use
//! by hand.

mod grpc;
mod service;

pub use self::grpc::Grpc;
pub use self::service::{
    ClientStreamingService, ServerStreamingService, StreamingService, UnaryService,

/// A trait to provide a static reference to the service's
/// name. This is used for routing service's within the router.
pub trait NamedService {
    /// The `Service-Name` as described [here].
    /// [here]:
    const NAME: &'static str;