tokio-file 0.9.0

Asynchronous file I/O for Tokio


A library for integrating file I/O with tokio. File I/O can be seamlessly mixed with all other Future types within the Tokio reactor.

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# Cargo.toml
tokio = "1.0.0"
tokio-file = "0.9.0"


See the examples directory in the repository. In general, any program that's already using tokio can add file I/O by using tokio_file::File and running the resulting futures in the tokio reactor.


tokio-file version 0.7 works on FreeBSD, using the mio-aio crate. It will probably also work on DragonflyBSD and OSX. It does not work on Linux. The tokio-file API can be supported on Linux, but it will need a completely different backend. Instead of using POSIX AIO as mio-aio does, Linux will need a mio-libaio crate, that uses Linux's nonstandard libaio with an eventfd for notifications. That's the approach taken by seastar.


tokio-file is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).

See LICENSE-APACHE, and LICENSE-MIT for details.