thfmr-playlist 0.2.2

Playlist microservice of the TouHou.FM Radio project
thfmr-playlist-0.2.2 is not a library.

TouHou.FM Radio - Playlist

Playlist microservice handling the playlist of the TouHou.FM Radio Project. This microservice is responsible for maintaining a playlist of songs to play, it will request songs from a Provider, and supply songs to a Player.

This service exists to separate out the playlist functionality from playback. In the case that the Player fails due to bugs, the playlist will still remember songs to play.


  • thfmr-protocol
  • thfmr-util
  • futures
  • tokio
  • log
  • env_logger
  • thiserror
  • warp
  • async-graphql
  • async-graphql-warp
  • structopt


Simply use

cargo build


thfmr-playlist args...

Use thfmr-playlist --help to get more information.