termagotchi 0.2.0

A terminal tamagotchi game


Terminal-based Tamagotchi in Rust


For you zoomer millenials out there, a tamagotchi is a little device from back in the 90s that looked like a small egg with a screen and about three buttons. On the screen you had a virtual pet and you had to take care of it or it would die...

I made this as my first Rust project to see how the language works and stuff.



Right now this uses emojis so you'll need a terminal emulator that supports unicode.

Basically just cargo run and it will resize your terminal.

Q to quit. Other keys are on screen.

Command line arguments

  -n, --new-game    start a new game.
  --help            display usage information


  • Add actual pet art (ASCII probably) and animate it?
  • Write tests (heh...)
  • Maybe refactor stuff to make it more Rust-y


This is a beginner-friendly project so if you would like to add some features or fixes to it while you're learning Rust, or you REALLY like tamagotchi (uhh...) then feel free to make a PR.