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Event - Async IO similar to libevent

Event is a lightweight IO library for Rust with a focus on adding as little overhead as possible over the OS abstractions.

Build Status

Getting started guide Currently a work in progress:


To use td_revent, first add this to your Cargo.toml:

td_revent = "0.3.0"

Then, add this to your crate root:

extern crate td_revent;

Add empty event just do

extern crate td_revent;
use td_revent::EventLoop;

fn main() {
    let mut event_loop = EventLoop::new().unwrap();;

Add simple timer event just do

extern crate td_revent;
use td_revent::{EventLoop, EventEntry, EventFlags};
use std::ptr;

fn time_callback(ev : &mut EventLoop, fd : u64, _ : EventFlags, data : *mut ()) -> i32 {
    println!("fd is {:?}", fd);
    //return 0 status ok other will delete the timer

pub fn main() {
    let mut event_loop : EventLoop = EventLoop::new().unwrap();
    event_loop.add_timer(EventEntry::new_timer(100, false, Some(time_callback), None));
    event_loop.add_timer(EventEntry::new_timer(200, true, Some(time_callback), None));;


Event loop backed by epoll, windows by select. Non-blocking TCP sockets High performance timer system

##Platforms Currently, td_revent only supports Linux and Windows. The goal is to support all platforms that support Rust and the readiness IO model.