tauri-driver 0.1.2

Webdriver server for Tauri applications
tauri-driver-0.1.2 is not a library.

tauri-driver (pre-alpha)

Cross-platform WebDriver server for Tauri applications.

This is a WebDriver Intermediary Node that wraps the native WebDriver server for platforms that Tauri supports. Your WebDriver client will connect to the running tauri-driver server, and tauri-driver will handle starting the native WebDriver server for you behind the scenes. It requires two separate ports to be used since two distinct WebDriver Remote Ends run.

You can configure the ports used with arguments when starting the binary:

  • --port (default: 4444)
  • --native-port (default: 4445)

Supported platforms:

note: the (probably) items haven't been proof-of-concept'd yet, and if it is not possible to use the listed native webdriver, then a custom implementation will be used that wraps around wry.

Trying it out

Check out the documentation at https://tauri.studio/en/docs/guides/webdriver/ci to build a small example application that had WebDriver tests.